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Description of the project
Eudoxos project
(Teaching Science with a Robotic Telescope)


The sky is a vast and unique laboratory of science, always in operation, accessible at all times from everybody from everywhere, where all sorts of interesting physical phenomena take place most of which is impossible to reproduce in any scientific laboratory. The observation of the sky always fascinated the mankind and motivated the studies of the nature and the physical laws.

The aim of the Teaching Science with a Robotic Telescope (EUDOXOS) project is to utilize the 'Andreas Michalitsianos' (AM) telescope, a 60cm Cassegrain type remotely controlled robotic telescope with large-format CCD camera, in order to develop a framework to teach science to High School students through a multidisciplinary approach. The robotic telescope is installed in the Eudoxos National Observatory of Education on the Ainos mountain of Kefallinia Island, Greece. This large scientific instrument has been developed, with funds from the Greek Government, by a collaboration of the Institute of Nuclear Physics at the National Centre for Science Research ‘Demokritos’, the Greek Naval Academy and the Prefecture of Kefallinia and Ithaki, to be used for educational and research purposes as a working example for Distance Learning and Research.


The 'Andrew Michalitsianos' Telescope has been installed since August 2001 and it is now operational. One is able to remotely request a specific observation schedule and subsequently receive the resulting photographs via the Internet, to be used for teaching purposes or for scientific analysis. In the framework of the proposed project necessary adjustments and improvements will be performed on the telescope in order to be optimized for educational activities. The partnership aims to develop a web based educational software that will give the opportunity to students across Europe to control the telescope and perform observations. In this way the observatory could be operated via queue-based scheduling. Additionally the partnership plans to upgrade the observatory with a much smaller component that will allow the students to observe on-line the sun during the day.

The Eudoxos project is partly financed by the European Commission in the framework of the program "preparatory and innovative actions - eLearning action plan - DG EAC/25/01". It is a collaboration of institutions from Austria, Greece, Italy and Spain. The project began in October 2002 and will be completed in March 2004.



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